1947. UN Headquarters

Le Corbusier / Ле Корбюзье. 1947. UN Headquarters

Книга: UN Headquarters / Штаб-квартира ООН
Автор: Le Corbusier / Ле Корбюзье
Издание: Éditions Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New-York, 1947

I Discrimination: World Capital or Headquarters
II Fonctions: Dwelling, Working, Culture of Body and Mind, Circulation
III Personnel of the U.N.
IV Spirit of the U.N., To Extend Harmony
V Examination of the Sites
VI Prevision for the Future Toward Growth?
VII Description of the U.N. Headquarters
VIII Site Control
IX Envoi

I Standards
II Folly
III A Sub-committee Trip
IV 17 Acres
V Battle Post
VI Life!

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